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Lego to introduce eco-friendly bricks by 2030

The company prefers to pass out the materials which is employing currently, based on the oil extraction


The toy company Lego is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research, develop and implementation of  sustainable materials for the construction of new bricks and packaging which respect the environment. According to sources from the company, Lego forecasts to complete the transition to the green materials by 2030, something which results ambitious considering the 60 billions of blocks it produces each year.

In spite of the company efforts to take profit of the used energy in all its factories, the major part of the environmental footprint from the Lego bricks comes from the extraction and refinement of the crude oil which is used to build them. This way, the company has decided that the effort to become and eco-friendly company, has to start in one of the most basic levels, their bricks.

Lego will invest 150 million dollar in its new Sustainable Materials Centre, where it will collaborate and develop partnership with shareholders and scientists. The new centre will be built this 2016 and will employ more than 100 experts of these kind of materials. The company assured that is carrying out a long-term research, especially, to compromise the quality and safety standard demanded by parents.

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