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Mattel won 26% less in 2015

The company obtained 369 million dollar of net benefit


The north American toy company Mattel obtained, in 2015, a net benefit over 369 million dollar, which supposes 26% less of the 499 million dollar that won in the prior year, according to a report sent by the company. In the other hand, Mattel trade figure in the total of the year was 5.703 million dollar, 5%less than the 6.024 million dollar that the company invoiced in 2014.

Regarding to the most popular products sales, Mattel Girls & Boys brand sales decrased 11% in 2015 in constant currency, meanwhile Fisher Price increased 1% and American Girl sales loss 8%. The popular Barbie sales decreased 10% in the total of the 2015 year, however, it grew 1% in the third trimester, leaving apart eight consecutive trimester of losing.

In spite of the changes in the sales figures, the chairman and CEO of Mattel assured feeling “encouraged” by the company results in the quarter and the total year, and added that they reflect a “solid progress on a number of important fronts”.

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