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The british toy market is still on top

More than 54 million toys were sold since the beginning of the year


The toy market in the United Kingdom keeps on being the largest market in Europe with a strong growing during the first quarter of the year and 54 million toys sold since the beginning of 2016. This way, consumers of this sector continue to be the biggest toy spenders in Europe in spite of a dip in consumer confidence. A new study from the NPD Group assures that toy sales grew 8% during the first three months of the year. Further, amongst the different categories, they stand out action figures and plush categories, with increasing of 16% and 21% respectively. 

More than four months after of the film premiere, Star Wars continues generating a huge part of the sector sales. Actually, the property has got an increasing of 249% in the last three months compared to the same period in the previous year. Toys related with this property and so LEGO Star Wars were the Top properties during the first quarter 2016, followed by Shopkins, Disney Frozen and LEGO City. In the other side, another successful properties during the Q1 were Paw Patrol, The LEGO Nexo Nights, Teletubbies and Tsum Tsum.  

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