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The toy industry closed 2015 with an increase of 20, 3% in exports

Catalonia, the main export zone


Spanish toy sector, traditionally focused on exports where this item accounts for about 40% of the turnover of the companies, closed 2015 with good results also in international markets. With a 20.32% growth in exports in 2015 reached 534 million euros, figures that have been rising in recent years, making international sales a boost to the toy industry during the years the domestic demand fell.

With this result, the cumulative export growth since 2007 achieved an increase of 38%. In terms of categories, most close with positive data, being the game that includes the traditional toy that experienced one of the highest growth. Also important are the increases in the category of Games Society and Skates, while Electric car down 9.9%. After the declines experienced by the Russian market, where mainly exported dolls, Valencia has accused a moderate decline in exports in 2015 were down by 2.69% over the 170 million euros. Meanwhile, 2015, has led to the departure of the export zone in Catalonia that exceeds 201 million euros with a growth of 65%. also grow by 20% toy exports from the Community of Madrid.

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