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"China, producer of 75% of babycare products, will become the largest market in the world"

Emili Alsina, executive director of BabyChina and editor of Puericultura Market


Emili Alsina, with Jana Robles, BabyChina CEO and sales manager of Puericultura Market

BabyChina, the first trade magazine in the Chinese babycare industry, was presented during the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair in early January. Emili Alsina, editor of Puericultura Market, and Jana Robles, sales manager, have launched this project in order to enter a market that could double its volume of children's products sales in three years.

How did this project got started?

With the aim to expand and internationalize our business, in 2011 we decided to explore ways to export our business model. After 20 years of experience in publishing the babycare trade magazine Puericultura Market in Spain, it was time to go for a new project.

The first step was to identify a country with favourable conditions in which to apply our knowledge of professional communication in the childcare business. The socio-economic indicators in China are unique, and we analysed the internal factors of the babycare market and studied various methods of entry into the country before starting the activity.

Some facts are revealing - for example, China is the market of children's products that has greater potential for worldwide growth. In 2011 sales at retail of products for children 0-3 years were of 35 billion euros and forecasts point to doubling this volume in three years. In addition, the population of China accounts for 20% of the world population, with 15 million births a year.

What is the philosophy of the magazine?

BabyChina is the first bilingual (Chinese / English) B2B independent trade magazine focused on babycare industry in China. The goal is to provide our readers with knowledge and information on the babycare business in China and internationally, through a specialized reference content to help develop their business activity. The magazine is also a bridge of communication for all those companies interested in doing business in China and who want to build their brand using the web and the magazine as advertising platforms for the company, its brand and its products.

We believe in quality of content, a high-end product and the promotion of safety, design and quality, so our allies or potential customers from local or international are companies that are committed to high quality standards in their products and brands. These are the products that have better prospects in China.

China is one of the markets in which the child population grows. How is the babycare products industry evolving?
There are many opportunities to discover, as the market is in development. Each category has a different situation. For example child restraint systems in China are not mandatory, and only 1% of cars use them, so there is considerable potential growth. The increased awareness of parents and the future laws concerning this issue will soon lead to a boom in consumption.

As for retailers, they are adopting the Western model with specialty and quality shops that are oriented to customer service. The online channel also has an important role.

An idea of the size of the market is the trade show held in Shanghai during the month of July, where 1,400 companies exhibited in 2012. In China, there are more than five trade fairs held throughout the year.

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