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Why tablets for kids are a success (gallery)

The stars of the holiday season (4)


Parents are the primary educators and role models for their children. This is why they have become the inspiration of kids' interest in the digital world. Children imitate and repeat what they parents do, and what they see now is the continued and repeated use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. For this reason, tablets are invading the children's market and their presence at home is increasing.

Here are the main features of tablets for kids, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

1. Tablets provide edutainment. The arrival of tablets to the toy market has meant a new type of gift which is both entertaining and educational.

2. They make a great gift. Apart from their exclusivity and differentiation, children see them as a direct link to their favorite characters, wrapped in brightly colours and actions.

3. Custom design. Tablets made for kids are easy to set up, and it is not necessary to turn on parental control or download apps.

4. They provide entertainment and fun. 77% of children using these devices say they do so primarily to play and entertain themselves, playing games, watching movies, or drawing.

5. Children do not leave aside traditional play. Tablets are a new opportunity for fun, entertainment, and even learning, and coexist with traditional toys and games that will never go away, but that will always adapt to changes in society.

6. There are also dangers of misuse, if parents use them to keep their kids entertained so they do not bother, not seeking major objectives such as their development or education.

7. They can even replace parenting, as 55% of parents admit that the main use for tablets is to entertain kids, especially while traveling, and 41% say they do so while in restaurants or parties.

- Parental control
- Touchscreen
- Shock resistance
- Their own platform for downloads
- 100% safe contents

- Promotion of learning
- Stimulation of creativity and intelligence
- They help the use of new technologies
- They can be used anywhere

- Loss of multitasking abilities
- Reduction of social relationships
- Limitation of the three-dimensional space
- Low level of physical work and risk of overuse
- Replacement of parents

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