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12 licenses for Christmas

The stars of the holiday season (3)


Licensing continues to be a key driver for the toy market, accounting for nearly one third of revenues in Spain. Also, this industry is reinforcing its presence in other product categories that also have a substantial weight during the holiday season, such as fashion, accessories, school supplies and gift items.

We talked to owners, agents, licensees and retailers, mostly in Intergift and Brand Licensing Expo, and these are the licenses that could have more impact during the upcoming holiday season.

1. Peppa Pig.
The licensing program for this preschool property, run by El Ocho Licencias y Promociones, has 60 licensees and a leadership position in Spain. Although the series premiered in our country in September 2011, it has been on air for nine years in the UK and for eight in the US, and already has 209 episodes.

2. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are entering the NPD rankings: the action figures of Giochi Preziosi reached the fourth place in July’s Spainsh top 10 in value. The Nickelodeon TV series has 50 million viewers worldwide, and the second and third seasons are in production, with a film to be released in 2015. Viacom is working so that this brand becomes a classic.

3. During the two previous Christmas seasons there were times when it seemed that the only property in the market was Monster High, and maybe that's why it may seem that this license is in the doldrums, which is certainly not the case: Mattel has increased the investment in advertising, and plans to launch actions and to make Monster High an evergreen brand. And there are Monster High toys are in positions 2, 3, 4 and 9 of the July NPD ranking.

4. Violetta is a license that comes from the Disney Channel Argentinian series, and it is increasingly present in consumer products aimed at girls. The series already has two seasons and 160 episodes, plus three CDs, a magazine, and a video game.

5. Minnie. Disney classics are always present among the best sold properties, and Minnie is possibly the most significant, given its weight in all products for girls. Disney also announced that the brand will be re-launched in 2014 as a fashion icon, expanding its target audience.

6. Despite being (in theory) sideshow characters, the Minions are the most recognizable image of Despicable Me. The second instalment of the franchise, released this year, is the second highest grossing film so far in 2013, just behind Iron Man 3. With just two titles it is also the fifth highest grossing animated franchise in box office history. These yellow characters will have their own movie in summer 2015 and are increasingly present in the licensed product shelves, thanks to consumers of all ages. This Universal property is managed by CPLG.

7. Maya the Bee, a property managed by Planeta Junior, continues in Clan TV this year and in 2014, and will also count with a Nintendo video game and a new app. The film's release is scheduled for next year Christmas.

8. Skylanders counts with a recently released new game: Skylanders Swap Force. Until August, the franchise that combines games and action figures had grossed over $1.5 billion. The Skylanders' licensing programme, managed by CPLG, has 56 European licensees in Europe, and 15 in Spain.

9. Furby. This Hasbro toy is leading sales and counts with a large associated licensing programme. With this product, the electronic toy category increased sales by 38% between January and July this year.

10, 11. Real Madrid and F. C. Barcelona. They are listed together because they target similar audiences: children, youth and adults, followers of their favourite football team. Obviously, there are differences, such as greater female audience share in the case of Barça, but both are global brands with a constant TV presence.

12. Adventure Time is the alternative property. The series counts with five seasons and a total of 134 episodes, as well as with the firm commitment of Turner CN Enterprises to turn this license into successful licensed items, playing with its very recognizable look, and its very particular humor that also reaches adults.

Other stars of the holiday season:

1. Playmobil and the importance of long term thinking (10/3/2013)
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