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"With new technologies any business can be closer to its customers"

Álvaro Gil-Nagel, E-Commerce Manager, Famosa


Álvaro Gil-Nagel heads the e-commerce business at Famosa, which just opened a new online store that offers all its toys. This web is not just a sales channel, as it also allows the company to evaluate navigation data and get to know the most interesting products for its consumers.

Why has Famosa opened an online store? What are the goals of this initiative?

Since 2012, Famosa has launched a determined digital, strategy including the development of sites for each of the major brands, offering games for children, as well as information on new products. Social networks have also become channels for participating and contacting our customers. FamosaToyStore, our online shop, is the last link in this chain of digital transformation, where parents can buy toys online and receive them at home in less than 72 hours. It includes all the company’s catalogue, allowing checking availability and prices, as well as contacting our customer service.

With FamosaToyStore we get closer to the children in order to meet their interests and to be able to offer a shopping experience of great quality. We have taken great care on packaging, and all orders include a surprise gift. Through the analysis of web surfing we will also learn which products that are most or the least interesting for our consumers, and into which categories should we dedicate more effort, among other data.

Do you think there will be more and more manufacturers that decide to sell product directly through the internet?
With new technologies any business can be closer to its customers. Today, most major toy brands are already selling directly online, and this is a channel to be explored.

How would you describe it the online toy market in Spain? What do you think could be improved?
There is a large range of online toy stores as many retailers have created their own online outlets. However and in our country, sales of toys through the internet are far from those of the UK, France or Germany. In other product categories such as consumer electronics this is not the case. Much remains to be done and to do so we have to overcome the resistance of our clients to buy toys without touching them. Famosa is a recognizable brand and can contribute much in this sense. From FamosaToyStore we will incorporate services that will build trust and strengthen the brand and the shopping experience.

Currently, the store is active only in Spain. Will it open to other markets?
We just launched the store for Spain and we are in the throes of analyzing market behaviour, our clients, and the web. The next few months are going to be for learning and adjusting all areas: supply, logistics, customer service, and web usability. We want to be sure we are providing an excellent service before making decisions that involve more complex processes.

Could retailers see this initiative as competition?
FamosaToyStore will not compete with retailers, as we have explained to our customers. Prices and promotions from the online store are in line with those offered by our clients. Our intention is to expand the online coverage of our brands, providing more opportunities for our target audience to know about our brands and toys, and also to buy them. We are confident that this will benefit all stores as this more intense presence it will produce added benefits through the 360 degree marketing actions and multichannel sales.

What are the advantages for consumers?
Consumers will find our entire catalogue, which is especially important in the case of Feber toys, which because of their large size are not exposed in most retail outlets. In our online store you can also refine searches to find the best gift for each child, and of course you count with all the advantages of electronic commerce: home delivery, secure payment, returns… Consumers will also find products from old collections at favourable prices in the outlet section .

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