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Angry Birds unveils new Stella brand

The company plans to launch games, content, and licensed products with these characters


  Angry Birds has introduced the Stella range of characters, based on the pink bird we already say in Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Go!  Rovio Entertainment expects to launch games, animated content, toys, books and other licensed products based on these characters.

Mikael Hed, CEO of the company, says that "
t he Angry Birds Stella story will live and evolve across physical and digital, bridging them in fun and innovative ways. Stella and her friends are here to stay, with plenty of adventures ahead of them.”

Casting a female (and pink) character, many assume that the company wants to expand its target audience and focus these products on girls, but the fact is that Rovio has not said that this is a line aimed at girls. And that's a good thing - wether boys or girls like it, there is no need to limit and condition the brand and its audience.

As The Guardian explains, these characters may also appear in the Angry Birds movie, that the company expects to release July 1, 2016.

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