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Licensing Expo: all kinds of brands

Emili Alsina, Director, Ediciones Just


In the Spanish market we are not used to pay as much attention to brands that do not come from the entertainment industry, perhaps with the exception of sports properties. And this is a mistake, considering the data published by LIMA, that shows for example that corporate licensing accounts for 17,1% of the industry's royalties in North America, only behind character-related merchandise and followed by fashion and sports. Also, this brands are generally more reliable as they do not depend on releases and TV broadcast.

In fact, Licensing Expo (held in Las Vegas between 17 and 19 June) showed that this field has clearly great potential, giving some examples of versatile brand extension. In the next gallery we introduce some of the examples that we saw at the event.

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Celebrities licensing also has its classic brands Dorna and MotoGP are an example of a global sports brand Corporate brands also have their space Pop stars also have their licensing programmes
Art and design licensing offers a wide range of applications Fashion brands allow to use their image and style in other consumer products


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