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Mind Candy wants to reach phones and tablets with World of the Warriors

It's the new brand of the owner of Moshi Monsters


Mind Candy has unveiled its new brand, World of Warriors, the first property the company launches after Moshi Monsters. This is a strategy battle game for smartphones and tablets inspired by great warriors of history. It will be available for both Apple and Android throughout the year.

The company hopes bring the success of Moshi Monsters to mobile devices, which already account for approximately one third of all online traffic. Mind Candy has also released a promotional video of this property.

Moshi Monsters is a virtual world aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 with over 80 million users worldwide, and a licensing program that has spread to multiple categories, including toys, magazines, books, trading cards, figurines and even a movie. In 2012 (latest data published), licensing generated revenues of £46.9 million, although according to Comscore the website is already recording significant declines in visits.

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