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The 7 keys of American Toy Fair

The show will take place from 16 to 19 February

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American International Toy Fair, to be held from 16 to 19 February, is one of the main global toy trade fairs. If anyone has doubts, here are some clues that help explain why this fair reaches in 2014 its 111th edition.

1. American International Toy Fair will gather 1,100 exhibitors that will showcase over 150,000 toys to some 16,000 professionals representing 8,000 retail outlets from more than 100 countries. Also, the organization expects an increase in the number of visitors.

2. The U.S. is the world's largest toy market, with annual sales of over $22 billion.

3. This year’s show will feature the largest exhibition area of its history - 35,000 square meters.

4. Creative Factor will organize for the tenth consecutive year a series of lectures and talks aimed at toy designers and inventors, focused on topics such as starting a business, agreements’ negotiation, and intellectual property protection, among others.

5. Licensing Content Connection addresses licensing professionals and provides information and knowledge about the fundamentals of this industry and market trends. These conferences count with the collaboration of Advanstar, organizer of Licensing Expo, and of the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA).

6. There are more conference series - Independent Thinking addresses specialized retailers and TIA will also offer information on toy safety regulations. Digital Kids Conference will enter its fourth edition from 18 to 19 February, offering information on digital devices and universes.

7. The fair is launching ShopToyFair365 an online trading platform accessible also via app that allows exhibitors and retailers to continue their relationship (and business) in a social network designed for toy professionals. This network allows manufacturers to display information and images of their offer, and retailers to search for these companies, in addition to placing orders.

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