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Women are dominating social networks

They are more present and active in these media

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Women are increasingly active on social networks, following a confirmed and strengthened trend. According to information compiled by Ruby Media Corporation for Finances Online, women are the majority in every social network except Linkedin:

- 76% of U.S. adult women use Facebook, a figure that in the case of men goes down to 66%.
- 54% have an account on Tumblr (46% for men).
- 20% share photos on Instagram and 33% do so on Pinterest (versus 15% and 8% of men, respectively).
- 18% use Twitter (17% of men).
- And 19% of women have a presence on Linkedin (compared with 24% of men).

Companies must consider these data when setting their communication strategy in social networks. We should keep in mind that Facebook is the network that brings more traffic to firms' websites, and Twitter and Pinterest are the fastest growing in this regard, according to a research by Adobe. In addition, social networks dominate our online leisure time: Americans spend 37 minutes in these media every day.
Women also use these accounts more often: 30% access a social network several times a day, four points higher than men, and 58% of women use these media to get their news, compared with 42% of men. Women also interact more with brands on networks - 54% show their support (44% of men), 53% access offers (36%), 39% keep up to date with brands (33%), and 28% comment on products and services (25%).

They also use more their mobile devices to access social networks - 46% use their smartphone (in the case of men, the percentage is 43%) and 32% use a tablet (20% of men). This is particularly important given the growing influence of these devices – they already account for 60% of the time dedicated to these media and besides a third of online sales in the UK are made via smartphone or tablet.

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