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The most interesting of 2015

After finishing Christmas season, we make an assessment of 2015 by a ranking of the most important contents of the year

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After the Christmas season, we can stop and assess 2015 in this ranking with the most read articles in our website.

What have been the most read contents of 2015?

We start the year expectant by the consumption trends in 2015 and today we can say that not only have been fulfilled, but also the consumer confidence continues to rise and trade grows, both online and in the traditional channel.

Currently, manufacturers and retailers are facing a new more informed consumer who goes to all channels when making a purchase. That’s why consumer segmentation is the key to meeting business goals and therefore, the article published about the lifestyles of today's parents, based on the research of Maria Costa and Miriam Morante, has been one of the most appreciated contents by our online readers.

Keep abreast of the trends is very important for the toy sector and analysis that we proposed, based on the most important international fairs (Toy Fair, New York Toy Fair and CES) was the most visited section of the website this year: Global trends that will shape the toy industry in 2015.

In this review it was mentioned yet the weight that dinosaurs would have this 2015, the year of the release of Jurassic World, which eventually ended up proclaiming the third biggest film in history, and substantially improved the results for the second quarter of Hasbro.

Another brand that has special relevance in our web in 2015 was Game of Thrones. The announcement of the cities that would welcome the series exhibition has been one of the most viewed articles by our international readers in 2015.

The purposes of 2016

From our newsroom, we are committed to emphasize on trends in the fields of toy, babycare and licensing business through our magazines, our online media and our newsletter, so you can continue in 2016 counting on us as an informative and analysis reference media.

Finally, I want to emphasize how much we care about your opinion. Throughout the year we seek to listen to you through our surveys and we thank you for your participation when taking the pulse of the sector.

Looking to 2016, we opened new channels for professional communication and we want you to be free to discuss new proposals, your concerns or those issues that you consider relevant, also on Twitter or right here on the website.

Thanks for following us and Happy 2016!

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