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Rovio: “It is our long-term strategy to create cross media experiences”

Naz Cuevas, Executive Vice President Global Licensing, Rovio Entertainment


Rovio Entertainment knows that is not enough to be present in mobile devices, and this is why it has developed a wide licensing program designed to extend the brand to consumer products, and to build bridges between the digital and the physical worlds. As Naz Cuevas, Executive Vice President Global Licensing, says, the aim is to consolidate Rovio as an entertainment company, not just a developer of mobile games.

Which are the most important factors when developing a licensing program for a digital brand?
You need to think about the big picture, not just one specific angle when you develop a licensing program for a digital brand. The digital space evolves so fast that you need to bear in mind, what is new today might be old next week. Taking this into account and ensuring you create interesting story line behind the brand you are able to explore ways to maximize multiple touch points for the product line.

How important is for Rovio to build bridges between the digital and physical worlds and why?

By building bridges between the digital and physical we ensure that we will keep on developing exciting new opportunities to delight our fans and to keep our brand as part of popular culture. It is our long-term strategy to create cross media experiences and it’ll keep the company poised for tremendous future growth.

Which are the most important product categories for a brand such as Angry Birds?

When looking the global fan based audience, you need to adapt yourself to local cultures, styles, events and trends and find the way to make our characters resonate on a local level. In this term we work closely with our licensing agents and affiliate offices in our key markets. By putting our fans first we find the most important products and experiences that exceed their expectations and keep them engaged.

Angry Birds will have its first feature film in 2016 and it now counts with a TV series. How important is for the brand to be present in traditional media? Is it still fundamental for licensing to count with presence in TV?
We are focusing to be a global entertainment company in all entertainment levels. Last year we started with ToonsTV and our 52 episode Toons series and this year we continue with Piggy Tales telling the story of the Piggies point of view. In 2016 we will kick off big when our 3D Angry Birds movie hits the movie screens. In addition we continue developing new and existing business areas in the industry.

Currently Rovio is focused on all developments related to the Angry Birds franchise. Are there more IPs to come?
Rovio is building its product line for long term, for 100 of years not 100 days. So we will definitely keep on developing new IPs. We are branching into new sub brands with our fierce bird Stella and her close-knit group of friends and funny and delightful Bad Biggies. We will also launch non Angry Birds Brands in the future.

Could you outline the main goals for Rovio in the licensing area for the next few years?

We all are committed to building, evolving and shaping the entertainment business into something that's never been done before. In order to do that and keep our brand relevant, it's a matter of proactively establishing deeper relationships with best in class partners around the world and developing world-class products and experiences that reflect who our fans are and what they represent.

Will apps and mobile games still be a source for licensing properties in the future or is there only room for three or four big names?

The future will include more than the Angry Birds franchise and we promise to continue to disrupt the market with our innovative ways to develop, nurture, and launch exciting new experiences.

Which are the main advantages of this kind of properties? And the weaknesses?

You have to be on top of the whole entertainment business. When you work on both, digital and physical you need to be aware the global market changes. By having a collective investment you have to take all steps seriously and analyze each opportunity ensuring that you remain true to your core values.

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