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  • The sum of the parts

    • Key4Communications

    A relevant fact published by the NPD is the increase we are seeing in the average price of toys bought in Spain, despite declines in both total sales and...

  • Two types of consumers

    • Key4Communications

    It's no secret that consumers are becoming more rational: the current economic situation leads to a more thoughtful purchase, in which people compare products...

  • Price is not the only issue

    • Key4Communications

    There are many doubts about how will the next Christmas season in Spain: weak consumption and declines in sales of toys during the first nine months of...

  • The Spanish success of Monster High

    • Key4Communications

    The Monster High phenomenon is the great success of toys and licensing in 2012 in Spain. We just have to take at look at the NPD data for July -the top...

  • Selling thanks to communication

    • Key4Communications

    Sometimes we forget that we must not only do our job -we also need to communicate it, so that customers and our potential market are aware about our activity.

  • The limits of caution

    • Key4Communications

    If there is one word that would qualify how manufacturers and retailers are working nowadays, this would be "caution". There is an obvious contraction...

  • Selling innovation

    • Key4Communications

    Yesterday I was acting as a jury for the Kind + Jugend Innovation Awards (Cologne, 13-16 Septembre). This is the third year that I have participated in...

  • Increasingly rational purchases

    • Key4Communications

    Consumers are increasingly more rational before a purchase, and they prefer to adjust value for money as much as possible. For example, as some retailers...

  • The value of information

    • Key4Communications

    One of the recurring questions when talking to professionals in any industry is which elements determine the success of a product or a brand. The most...

  • The Licensing Forum, a useful and effective tool

    • Key4Communications

    Marketers believe that events are the most effective communication tools, according to a research by MK Institute, explaining that during these activities...

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