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  • The digital tiredness, an opportunity for printed media

    • Key4Communications

    The network has become our main information media but ¿do we really obtain the information that we need, the one that allow us consolidate knowledge related...

  • The growing of e-commerce in Spain ┬┐An opportunity?

    • Key4Communications

    Online sales are altering the way consumers carry out the purchase process and this 2015 has been the year of the huge adoption of new consume ways and...

  • Juguetes B2B Toy Distribution Awards to come back

    • Key4Communications

    Juguetes B2B Toy Distribution Awards to come back

    This year we start de 17th edition of the Toy Distribution Awards, organized by the magazine Juguetes...

  • The most interesting of 2015

    • Key4Communications

    After the Christmas season, we can stop and assess 2015 in this ranking with the most read articles in our website.

    What have been the most read contents...

  • Ediciones Just renews its presence on Linkedin

    • Key4Communications

    This month we released on Linkedin three new pages devoted to each of our publications: Puericultura Market,  Juguetes B2B and Licencias Actualidad.

  • Babycare: A changing market

    • Key4Communications

    In first time in five years we can see increase the number of births in Spain, according to the latest data published by the INE (National Statistics Institute)....

  • Trends in the toy in 2015

    • Key4Communications

    One more year, in the edition of Juguetes B2B of June, we publish the Commercial Guide of the Toy, who comes to its 27 ª edition, with the aim to offer...

  • The importance of branding and innovation

    • Key4Communications

    The nowadays professionals must be alert for the social changes, the possibilities that provides the new technologies and the needs of costumers. The companies...

  • 9th Forum of Licensing: July 2 in Barcelona

    • Key4Communications

    The 9th edition of the Forum of Licensing will be held at the World Trade Center of Barcelona next July 2. So far there are several companies that have...

  • A renovation process

    • Key4Communications

    In our different professional channels of communication we bring to our readers the premise of the importance of being dynamic and always be on alert for...

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