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  • Management in a time of crisis

    • Key4Communications

    The Spanish toy sector has fallen by 10.6% in value and 13.3% in units sold in 2012, according to NPD. This is the largest decline since NPD collects...

  • If you take care of the product, the customers will take care of themselves

    • Key4Communications

    It is no longer enough to have a good brand to sell. Manufacturers must take care of the product and maximize value for money. This is one of the conclusions...

  • Are fairs useful?

    • Key4Communications

    In the current economic climate, every action is put into question, examining the return it provides. In fact, this is a positive consequence of these...

  • Two years so far

    • Key4Communications

    Key4Communications is celebrating its first two years. The webcounts with more than a thousand registered members, two thousand news and trends articles...

  • An end to the most difficult season

    • Key4Communications

    We're receiving the first responses of retailers for the 2012 Christmas season analysis to be published in the February issue of the trade magazine Juguetes...

  • The advantages of Key4Communications

    • Key4Communications

    Key4Communications allows readers the opportunity to register as members. Doing so is very simple (you just have to fill out this form) and gives you...

  • A new toy fair in Spain

    • Key4Communications

    The first edition of a new toy fair, Ibertoy, could be held in Spain April next year, to be organized in Barcelona and with the aim of filling the void...

  • Working for everybody

    • Key4Communications

    Recently we could read in in Key4Communications how a Swedish catalogue exchanged some of the traditional play roles, showing, for example, a boy playing...

  • Content for professionals

    • Key4Communications

      Key4Communications is increasingly diversifying its offer. On one hand, we have news, interviews and pieces open to all readers, but on the other hand...

  • Toys, a priority for families

    • Key4Communications

    At Christmas, toys become necessity goods: all families will buy at least one star gift their children. This is one of the conclusions of the Juegorama ...

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