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  • Spanish citizens want more retail stores

    • Key4Communications

    Spanish are the Europeans who show more dissatisfaction with the presence of retail stores in their cities, according to the Eurobarometer about the ‘Life...

  • Mobile phones surpass computers

    • Key4Communications

    The smartphone has become the favourite device of more and more people when it is about consulting the Internet. If we look around us we will realise that...

  • The five retail trends in 2016

    • Key4Communications

    The rebound in household consumption of 3.1% in 2015 seems to indicate that the retail trade will do well in 2016. But still, the retailers are aware that...

  • ┬┐How do Millennials purchase?

    • Key4Communications

    In collaboration with InProcess, the transport group DPDgroup has carried out a research in order to know the behaviour, when purchasing, of the Millennial...

  • Spain, leader using smartphone and smart TV

    • Key4Communications

    Spain leads Europe deploying optical fibre infrastructure , with more than 3 million customers and a potential 15 million to provide this service, with...

  • Mobile commerce will grow by 19% in Spain in 2016

    • Key4Communications

    Online sales could reach next year's 11.45 million euros in Spain year, according to the International Study of eCommerce 2016 commissioned by RetailMeNot....

  • The technology influence on parents decisions

    • Key4Communications

    Internet has not changed only the way we purchase or search for information, now it puts before in the way parents bring up their children. Recently studies...

  • 4 out of 5 parents assume new roles traditionally linked to mothers

    • Key4Communications

    The importance of fathers in the day-to-day lives of their children has changed, according to an analysis with more than 50 families Coaching Club. Almost...

  • Over 70% Spanish parents do not have enough time to spend with their children

    • Key4Communications

    One of the biggest concerns of the Spaniards with children is to reconcile work and family life. Thus, 71.1% of parents said that not spend enough time...

  • The online commerce evolution gets blocked

    • Key4Communications

    The unstoppable technologies and Internet using is already a reality. According to dates from Mikroscopia, the annual MyWord research, last year 36% of...

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