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Trends Periodicals

  • How do young people buy online?

    • Key4Communications

    Saving becomes the main objective of young people who do their shopping online, whether in money, time or effort. This is reflected in the study by DPDGroup,...

  • How do the Europeans buy on Christmas?

    • Key4Communications

    The new technologies have become popular in the whole Europe, however, there are modest differences between de different European countries when buying...

  • The retail sector, adapted to the digital area

    • Key4Communications

    The retail sector has positioned, in Spain, as one of the most advanced sectors in terms of digital functions, according to the ‘I Estudio de Competencias...

  • The keys of future retail

    • Key4Communications

    The peak of emergent technologies will keep on influencing the retail sector and the new consume trends will be related with mobile shopping and the research...

  • India will become the second online market in the world

    • Key4Communications

    It is been a long time since predictions tell that India will become, in 2016, the second online market in the whole world and, according to a Internet...

  • E-commerce 2016 trends

    • Key4Communications

    It is important to know which are going to be the main trends concerning to electronic commerce next year. Online sales results that have been observed...

  • Review on the 2015 e-commerce trends

    • Key4Communications

    Electronic commerce has become one of the most important trends on the business world this year, a term in which retailers had to start changing their...

  • Online Holiday sales to hit record

    • Key4Communications

    According to the ‘Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions’, 2015 sales will grow even more than the last year, when we saw a record-breaking...

  • Mobile phones will be the main tools during Christmas campaign

    • Key4Communications

    In the last months, smartphones have developed a more important role in the online purchase process. Users never leave their house without their mobile...

  • More than three daily hours dedicated to video watching

    • Key4Communications

    AdReaction ‘Video creative in a Digital World’ study, introduced by Millward Brown which examines the multichannel video consume in more than 13 thousands...

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