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  • The growing of e-commerce in Spain ┬┐An opportunity?


    Online sales are altering the way consumers carry out the purchase process and this 2015 has been the year of the huge adoption of new consume ways and...

  • Juguetes B2B Toy Distribution Awards to come back


    Juguetes B2B Toy Distribution Awards to come back

    This year we start de 17th edition of the Toy Distribution Awards, organized by the magazine Juguetes...

  • The most interesting of 2015


    After the Christmas season, we can stop and assess 2015 in this ranking with the most read articles in our website.

    What have been the most read contents...

  • Ediciones Just renews its presence on Linkedin


    This month we released on Linkedin three new pages devoted to each of our publications: Puericultura Market,  Juguetes B2B and Licencias Actualidad.

  • Babycare: A changing market


    In first time in five years we can see increase the number of births in Spain, according to the latest data published by the INE (National Statistics Institute)....

  • Trends in the toy in 2015


    One more year, in the edition of Juguetes B2B of June, we publish the Commercial Guide of the Toy, who comes to its 27 ª edition, with the aim to offer...

  • The importance of branding and innovation


    The nowadays professionals must be alert for the social changes, the possibilities that provides the new technologies and the needs of costumers. The companies...

  • 9th Forum of Licensing: July 2 in Barcelona


    The 9th edition of the Forum of Licensing will be held at the World Trade Center of Barcelona next July 2. So far there are several companies that have...

  • A renovation process


    In our different professional channels of communication we bring to our readers the premise of the importance of being dynamic and always be on alert for...

  • Cooperation to increase sales


    We started the year with a sense of optimism in the toy industry, after observing the data presented by NPD in computing goblal 2014, with an increase...

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